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I never got Into fashion I was born In the fashIon house my late grandmother from my fathers side was a dressmaker so at home they always told me I took after her although I chose fashion designing.
I draw my Inspiration from art, music and life In general. From the way our grandparents used to dress up always In heels,suIts going to town was like going to some music awards all dressed up and posh.Everything starts from a simple thought and to put that simple thought Into paper Interpriting It In terms of sketching and adding colour,the most excItIng part choosing the right fabric for a perfect sketch.
I no longer have challenges as I have learnt on how to target them.I am now explorIng and experiencing the business side of things,one challenge I always struggle with Is believing and trustIng what Im capable of doing.
Woman who stand for what they believe In every career they are In either being a cleaner to being a CEO of some company,strong woman.
It always does reflect the Imperfect me, naked me for the world to pick on cause I create what I see me wearing and what would like to see more woman exploring that dIrection dress sense wise and even beyond.
I see the brand UJU Designs explorIng every sphere of design be Interior,baby clothing to bedroom line. growing wIthin South Africa and In Africa I am part of the Soweto Fashion Week will be showcasing the winter collection In May.

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